IRSPP 7 (2017) – Collaborative Public Procurement

IRSPP 7 2017 was hosted in Milan, Italy, on September 25-27, 2017.  

The aim of the workshop was to explore differing approaches to collaborative procurement. We intended going beyond basic joint procurement or centralized public procurement, to examine experiences of, and the possibilities arising, from effective collaboration. There were 32 participants from 15 different countries. Topics covered included the organisation of collaborative procurement, exploring suppliers’ reactions, the benefits and stumbling blocks associated with the creation and actual implementation of collaborative procurement for buyers and contracting authorities.

Various approaches towards stimulating successful collaborative procurement have been adopted by public entities in different countries. The best approach differs from country to country. Exchanging (positive and negative) experiences arising from different approaches and in different situations improves the understanding of how best to further develop new collaborative procurement approaches. This workshop provided opportunity to exchange and discuss these collaborative approaches, find out the reasons why they failed or succeeded and to learn lessons from each other.

Following the workshop, all participants received a practitioners report which included a summary of the survey and workshop findings.

Workshop Sponsors

We are grateful to the following organisations for their sponsorship, without which this workshop could not have taken place:

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