IRSPP2 2005 Geneva

This workshop was the second phase of the International Research Study of Public Procurement (IRSPP). The first workshop of the study (IRSPP1) took place in Budapest in April 2003, where 15 cases of public procurement practice were presented and discussed. The findings were published in an academic and an executive report. We have agreement from a publisher to publish an edited book of the cases.

The first workshop was exploratory in nature and highlighted some key themes that form the basis for the design of this second phase. Prior to the workshop questionnaires were distributed to senior procurement practitioners in four sectors (health, defence, education and local government) in the 11 countries represented at the workshop. The responses to the questionnaire were analysed and the findings formed the design of the workshop.

Through a mixture of plenary presentations and group discussions, the workshop focussed on five themes drawn from the questionnaire responses:

  • The policy role of public procurement (policy and government objectives)
  • The professionalisation of supply (human resources and people issues)
  • Using procurement to promote innovation
  • National approaches to managing key suppliers (Supplier Relationship Management)
  • How does procurement move towards the ideal, and what is it?

The aim of the second workshop of the International Research Study of Public Procurement (IRSPP2) was to build on the foundations of IRSPP1 through providing an interactive workshop exploring themes arising from the first study


  • To perform an initial survey prior to the workshop
  • To use the analysis of the initial survey to inform and guide the design of the workshop
  • To explore four specific sectors of public procurement in the workshop – health, defence, education and local government
  • To explore themes arising from IRSPP1in the workshop
  • To draw out during the workshop critical research questions that need examining
  • To use the findings of the workshop to inform the design of a comprehensive, rigorous international survey to contribute to answering the research questions
  • To use the findings of the initial survey, the workshop and the international survey to provide papers for future International Public Procurement conferences
  • To use the findings of the workshop and the international survey to inform the design of IRSPP3 2007


Survey Findings IRSPP2

Executive Report IRSPP2

Workshop Sponsors

We are grateful to the following organisations for their sponsorship, without which the workshop would not be possible.

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