About Us

The International Research Study of Public Procurement (IRSPP) is a multi-national research study of Public Procurement practices and policies which develops international comparative procurement benchmarks and enhances the body of knowledge in government procurement.

IRSPP is a unique and prestigious group of eminent procurement executives and academic researchers from centres of excellence in procurement around the world who are endeavoring to develop the procurement body of knowledge and the procurement profession.

Approximately every two years we assemble a selected number of senior practitioners (CPO, heads of department) from countries and international organizations to exchange ideas and visions through an intensive workshop. The research findings from these workshops are shared through practitioner reports, books and academic journal articles.

Details of the countries and organisations which have participated in IRSPP meetings can be found HERE.

In 2022, we held our 9th International workshop where we invited senior public procurement officials from across the globe. The research led workshop was held in beautiful Ljubljana, Slovenia, September 11-13, 2022.

The topic of this meeting was: The Role of Public Procurement in Crises. The Covid-19 pandemic hit us all hard and required both immediate responses from public procurement and highlighted an urgent need for better procurement preparation for the next wave or the next crisis – however, the next crises are already on the horizon, e.g., climate change, the fight for scarce materials like water, battery minerals, food, energy, and the like.

What can and what should Public Procurement’s role be in these developments? We will soon be developing research outputs from this meeting. 

Host – New University Slovenia, Ljubljana